Whether your project is big or small, we can help you create the garden of your dreams that’s both practical and beautiful. We specialize in habitat creation, edible gardens including fruit, vegetables and herbs, and whole homestead design. If you want to incorporate a medicinal herb garden, pollinator plantings, chickens, goats, a meditation labyrinth, we can help!


Not ready for a full design? We have hourly rates and can help with advice and ideas, plant identification and problem diagnosis.


Have a once beloved garden that has gotten neglected? We can hand remove invasive species like Ivy and Blackberries, prune and shape overgrown shrubs and small trees, and improve soil. We work using hand tools and electric power tools so we’re low impact on you and the environment!


Our landscape maintenance services incorporate organic techniques with fine pruning, plant health troubleshooting and hand pulling of weeds. We don’t do lawns as there are companies that do that much more efficiently than we could. We can, however, help you reduce that lawn or replace it with something more eco-friendly!